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Explained in Makefile code…

PATH = a/b/x
$(patsubst a/%/x,%,$(PATH))    # => b
$(patsubst */%/x,%,$(PATH))    # => a/b/x

It seems like both of these should produce the same result, b, as the * should match anything. Why is this not the case? How do I write one expression to capture the center term with any prefix, not just 'a'?

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By the way, I would love to re-express this title somehow. Suggestions welcome. –  Andres Jaan Tack Dec 14 '10 at 12:16

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Make simply doesn't have very good ability to handle wildcards. Your $(patsubst */%/x,%,$(PATH)) doesn't work because there is no * in your $(PATH). But you can get the effect you want with this kludge:

$(word 2, $(subst /, ,$(PATH)))
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