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Say I have the following setup



Some Mock Data

ID        Title
1         Hello World
2         Good Bye
3         Pepsi

ID      postid      comment
 1        1         comment 1
 2        2         comment 2
 3        2         comment 3

I want to return back the Title from the Posts table and all the comments related to it via the id in the comments Table.

Something like.

Title           Comment
Hello World     comment1
Good Bye        comment2
Pepsi           null

Is this possible just using SQL?

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Select Title, 
       (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(Comment) FROM Comments
         Comments.postid=posts.posts) as comments
FROM posts
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 Select Title, Comment
 from Posts p LEFT Join Comments c on c.PostId = p.id
 Order by 1

However Title will be repeated, i.e. result will be:

 Title           Comment
 Hello World     comment1
 Good Bye        comment2
 Good Bye        comment3
 Pepsi           null
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SELECT posts.title, comments.comment FROM posts JOIN comments ON posts.id = comments.postid

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Probably you are looking for this: GROUP_CONCAT

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