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I currently need to automate a task where I need to execute 5 commands, even if any command fails, all next commands should get executed, currently if 4th commands fails, shell script exits and dont run 5th command.

So, what should I do so that, shell script run all the next commands even if current command fails?

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Post you shell script here, please (the relevant part). It shouldn't exit without special instructions to exit on failure. Maybe you use make? –  khachik Dec 14 '10 at 13:14
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Assuming that you your bash as your script interpreter (or /bin/sh is a symbolic link to bash), please check if your script does not have

set -e

anywhere in the code.

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Well, what's wrong with code below?

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At least in bash:

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The "trap" command may be helpful here:


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I would do

|| true


( set -e; false ; echo not here; )
( set -e; false || true ; echo still here; )


command1 || true
command2 || true
command3 || true
command4 || true
command5 || true

That way you can keep the -e flag, its a good flag.

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