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I'm android developer and I use Eclipse.

Sometimes, when I am debugging my apps, Eclipse doesn't stop on my breakpoints. Eclipse shows a "v" symbol on the breakpoint. I think this symbol means that Eclipse has passed the breakpoint without problems, but I would like Eclipse to stop when it reaches the breakpoint.

Of course, I have pressed the debug button (the icon with the green bug on it.)

How can I avoid this behavior?

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Most likley your source and class files run out of sync. If this happens clean and rebuild your project. This should make the issue disappear.

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doesn't work.... i did a clean on the project and debug it again, and didn't work. Also i dont know how to rebuild an android project, but i think it's done every time you do a clean and a run/debug – NullPointerException Dec 14 '10 at 13:28
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solved, it's because i have that activity in another process in the manifest... wow

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This is my problem too. What do you mean by "another process in the manifest"? – Behzad Nov 9 '12 at 15:10

Old post - but pulled my hair out for a few hours with intermittent trace/breakpoints, so this may help someone.

The solution for me was simply to use the --clean flag to start Eclipse, so ./eclipse --clean

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