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I am currently thinking about designing an architecture that can handle vast volumes of incoming source data, clean the data and store it in a key/value store like Riak or MongoDB. After that, it needs to check atomic data items against anything that needs to trigger an "event", in effect an alert with a given set of criteria.

To elaborate with an actual use case, let say this. Imagine we are processing 100 tweets/second plus 200 "other" social inputs e.g. facebook status updates per second, making 300 updates per second. Let's call all these streaming updates "content items".

We need to clean the original content, create a representation for each content item e.g. in JSON and store it eventually. In near-real-time, we need to check that some 500 criteria i.e. 500 separate watches; need evaluate something for each new content item to trigger an alert. For example, Criteria 1 could be trigger an event when the word "dog" is in the body of a content item. Criteria 2 could be to trigger an event when the word "cat" is mentioned 60% above the past 30-day average total daily mentions of "cat" in the content body.

Ideally, everything in the stack should be open source on Unix/Linux. Any ideas on approaching this problem by breaking it down into parts much appreciated.

At present, I am thinking about incoming content being cleaned up by a multi-threaded process, and then injected into Riak. After this, to use MapReduce to evaluate any watches that are interested in a new content item. Riak supports lightweight MapReduce in JS and seems easy to use. Subsequently, if any events/alerts need to happen, to queue a pending alert into RabbitMQ.

This question is not about Cassandra vs Riak vs XYZ, etc. It's about the problem itself. What is the best way to architect such a system at a high level?


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An update to this - I'm reading about S4 - which lets you process continuos, unbounded streams into events - it is used at Yahoo! –  Amit Kothari Jan 31 '11 at 10:42

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As I see it we can break the problem into storage, event detection and notification (or alerting).

Riak can club storage and event detection (by Map Reduce) support, but need to check if it can exactly suit your case. If the MapReduce support is not enough you may use datastore of your choice (more a choice of persistence, scale and speed) and develop an app which can detect events periodically.

The notification system can be a RabbitMQ based system, or Zero MQ or PubSubHubbub. This choice depends on how distributed your clients (to the notification) are, how many clients are there and how can they handle notification (message ) loss.

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