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I'm having a annoying issue with rewrite-using cherokee web-server.

I want to convert:

=> to =>

The problem is that the ?-sign messes up the cmd;

$_GET : array('page'=>'mypage', '?cmd'=>'print')

Cherokee is configured with:

regexp: ^/(.*)\.phtml(.*)$
internal subst: /index.php?page=$1&$2

So my question: How to best "eat up" the question-mark if present.



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Try matching it explicitly before the capturing parentheses:

regexp: ^/(.*)\.phtml\??(.*)$

\? is a literal ?, and the following ? means "match 0 or 1 times".

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Works perfectly. Many thanks, Tim! :-) –  user247245 Dec 14 '10 at 14:41

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