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I wanted to try out IntelliJ-IDEA but my experiments failed in a very early state. The Problem is that I found no way to set the Java platforms to be used.

Standard Java fails @Override annotation as IntelliJ-IDEA fails to to use the installed Java 6.

Android tells me to set the Android platform - only there is no setting so be seen to set any platform.

So what am I missing here?

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Use File -> Project Structure menu.

There you can specify jdk(by New button you can add your installed jdk). In your android module settings(Project Structure : Modules) click the detected facet( Android ) and there choose your platform.

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Thanks. Worked well. I would never had expected the option there. –  Martin Dec 15 '10 at 12:24

Please refer to the official documentation. Also be aware of this issue.

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Thanks for the hint. However I was importing existing (Maven) projects and not creating new projects. I guess I should have mentioned that. –  Martin Dec 15 '10 at 12:27

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