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I am coming across a scenario where I am inside a snippet in textmate, and trying to press tab to load another snippet. However, when I do this it instead interprets my tab pressing as an indication to jump to the next caret in the snippet. Is there a keyboard-based way to override this and allow the input of the snippet?

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Interesting scenario, but I think it's impossible, due to two reasons: First, the documentation contains nothing about nested snippets. Second, if you trigger a snippet and trigger another snipper via mouse you lose the jump-positions of the outer snippet. That means if you have a snippet "<div$1>$0</div>", trigger it and trigger it again via mouse you get "<div<div$1>$0</div>></div> rather than "<div<div$1>$2</div>$0</div>". Subtle but important difference. I think it's not intended and impossible without programming an extension for TextMate. – Florian Pilz Jan 5 '11 at 20:46
Right I'm not too bothered about that actually but was wondering if there was still being able to trigger that second snippet with the keyboard - kind of like a force-tab key that always tries to enter a snippet first rather than jump to the next position. Maybe not though – Leo Allen Feb 15 '11 at 16:43

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