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Is there something like the J2EE Java Bean stuff in php? Thank you.

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Don't think so. But Beans-esque getter/setter methods are used like crazy. –  mario Dec 14 '10 at 15:24
What exactly do you mean by "J2EE Java Bean"? The Java Bean spec is older and completely independent of J2EE (which is actually dead, it*s Java EE now). Or do you in fact mean EJB (Enterprise Java Beans, completely different technology)? –  Michael Borgwardt Dec 14 '10 at 15:58

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Just going off the info you provided, if by similar to JavaBeans you mean a reusable directory of classes and objects that conform to reasonably unified standards then the closest thing I think would be PEAR.

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In PHP MVC frameworks such as CakePHP, ZF, Symfony etc...you could say that the equivalent of a JavaBean would be the Model itself (the M) of MVC. A model is where you would have the get / set functionalities that javabeans do. Just FYI, in Symfony, that is called an "entity"

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not by default... but frameworks are something similar because the framework (usually) allows you to to map the POST or GET, build forms and save the info into the db, according to a Model... Like when using beans.. =)

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Have you heard about red bean php?

Try it and you will experience a great new world.


A great php ORM

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