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Sorry this is my first time trying to create a plugin, so I might be way off. I have read the docs but got confused, and I decided to learn by trying....

I am trying to make a simple form validation plugin

    $.fn.bluevalidate = function(options){

        var defaults = {
            errorMsg : 'You have an error',
            required : ''

        var opt = $.extend(defaults,options);

        return this.each(function(index,element){
           var e = $(element);

                    alert("required is here");

})( jQuery )

And I am calling it like

     required:'This field is required';

I want to get the alert when the user clicks off the field, but as you can guess, my method isn't working, please tell me what I am doing wrong....

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There's an extra ; in there, it should be:

  required:'This field is required'

When declaring an object literal, your properties should not be followed by a ; (you should however have a , between properties). This is the main issue:

  required:'This field is required'; //the ; shouldn't be here

You can test it out here.

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thanks, on a side note, may I ask what problem I might face if I use e.blur(function(){}) instead of bind? – Bluemagica Dec 14 '10 at 15:48
@Bluemagica - no problems, it's just a shortcut, they're added for a number of events. – Nick Craver Dec 14 '10 at 15:50

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