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I want to localize an image by adding the folder res/drawable-hdpi-no, but I get an error stating "invalid resource directory name". What's up with this?

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As far as I remember, only certain res folders will work. You need to call it drawable-[language code]-r[capitalised localisation code] if I remember rightly. Pretty sure it's one of the Android Tutorials.

Yeah here it is

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Thanx! I knew I'd seen that tutorial. I just couldn't find it. Though the solution to my direct problem is "res/drawable-no-hdpi" and not "res/drawable-hdpi-no" – Espen Dec 14 '10 at 18:50

yes, it is possible by. drawable-de-rDE-ldpi,drawable-de-rDE-mdpi . use it

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Each Android resource can have configuration parts in its resource name. For example you might have a plain image on


and a image for a high DPI screen on


Here hdpi is a Screen pixel density configration. A list of supported Android resource configurtions can be found from here

The order of configurations are important. They must be on specific order. Your original Norwegian language configuration is on a wrong place. Change




and it works.

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