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The Asp.Net membership provider has some clear uses in a web app. I am thinking about trying to leverage some of the features in a windows application (more specifically WPF). Does anyone know if it is possible to use the core features in a windows app? I am mostly just looking for it to create my database tables, and maintain users, roles, and profiles. I obviously do not need to use the built-in web controls (e.g. Login).

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I have a winform app that talks to DotNetNuke (DNN). DNN uses the membership provider, so the source will work for other apps that use that membership provider as well. It's a very simple app, so you should be able to read the source easily.

You should be able to adapt the source to work with WPF.

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Yes. Membership, roles and profiles are all features of Visual Studio 2008 Client Application Services (Services tab of a project properties)

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Yes, you can.

All the configuration can be done within app.config instead web.config of

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Make sure that you are creating a 3.5 application (WPF 4 won't work yet) - Then you must import the reference System.Web. This will allow you to use "using System.Web.Security;" like you normally would in a web app... now you can access stuff such as Membership.CreateUser()

Your app.config file has to be configured for your provider along with a connection string.

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