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I'm working on a project where all of the members and their info are stored in a JSON file. I'm in the process of creating a search form and I need help on how to iterate through the members and check to see if there's an exact match or a similar match.

The members are stored in a SESSION variable:

$_SESSION['members'] = json_decode($jsonFile);

but I'm uncertain how to use regex to check for matches that are similar (and not just exact). For example, if a member's name is "Jonathan", I'd like that result to be returned even if the user searches "Jon". Is regex the correct approach? Any help will be greatly appreciated - thank you!


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I think I'd be using a database to store the data rather than JSON so that you can use the LIKE searches, e.g.

SELECT * FROM users WHERE name LIKE 'Jon%'

If you absolutely have to use JSON you could loop through all members and use a regexp like

preg_match('/^'.$term.'.*/i', $element, $matches);

to check them all.

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Hi Paul, yeah I'm stuck working with the JSON file - of which the contents are dumped into an array. Thanks for the regexp - that'll do something similar to the SQL "LIKE" operator? –  M Thomas Dec 14 '10 at 18:43
What I have written there would work in the same manner as the LIKE example. Of course they don't have to begin at the start, LIKE '%Jon%' would match the word 'jon' anywhere in the field. The equiv regexp could be something like: '/.*'.$term.'.*/i'. What exactly does the array look like and which fields do you wish to search on? preg_grep() is ideal if it's all of them... –  Paul Norman Dec 14 '10 at 18:50
The array if fairly simple. Each member has a name, city and number and the search form would have input fields for name, city and number. And yes, I'd be searching on all of them so based on your suggestion I think I'll go with preg_grep(). I'll be adding more fields for each member in the future, but right now that's what I have. –  M Thomas Dec 14 '10 at 19:09

If the $jsonFile contents is an array of some sort, you may find preg_grep() of use, though it doesn't work on multidimensional arrays. You might have have to loop over each individual member record and grep the relevant fields yourself, something like:

foreach ($_SESSION['members'] as $idx => $member) {
     ... match relevant fields...
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Thanks, Marc. preg_grep() is what I'll need to use to check for similar matches and not just exact? –  M Thomas Dec 14 '10 at 18:25
It all depends on how you set up the regex pattern. It won't help you match color/colour, unless you specifically write the pattern for that. If you really want "sounds alike" type matches, you'll have to investigate other things, like the soundex() (php.net/soundex) function –  Marc B Dec 14 '10 at 18:29

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