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I have a couple of files on my server that contains sensitive information. Only the server should be allowed to edit these files, no one else should be able to read/access them. They are stored as .txt.

I've stored them in a separate folder, and added a .htaccess file with:

<Files *>
Deny from all

My question is weather it's secure enough to store sensitive information with .htaccess, or if someone can hack it and get access to the files?


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.htaccess is as secure as you can get, on a server-side basis.

All .ht files by default are un-accessible to the public, so no-one can edit or view the .htaccess file unless they access it through FTP ect. So the .htaccess file is secure as your server is.

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Thanks Brad! Does that also include all the files in the same folder as the .htaccess file (if .htaccess contains the text writte in the first post)? –  nima Dec 14 '10 at 18:35

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