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I'm able to open foo.ppt with command "open -b com.microsoft.Powerpoint foo.ppt" on Mac Terminal. But it is opened in Edit mode, how can it be opened in Slideshow mode? Thanks.

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Can you send shortcut Control-Shift-S to terminal window? –  Lex Dec 14 '10 at 19:01

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You could also create a Service in Automater. There are Presentation actions (for PP). It's very easy:

  1. Under the Presentations actions, add Open PowerPoint Presentation
  2. Then, add Play PowerPoint Slide Shows

That's it. Save the Service in Automater. It should appear in your context menu (right-click menu) when you right-click on Powerpoint files.

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Save your presentation as a PowerPoint Show file (.ppsx or .pps). This will force PowerPoint into Slide Show when you open it.

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