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Does the term "predecessor" of a node mean the node that IMMEDIATELY precedes that node ( i.e. is parent of the node) or does it refer to a node at a distance k above that node where k>=1.

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The term would depend on the context of the problem instance (statement). Say for example if you are talking about the doing a BFS on the graph, the predecessor or parent would mean the node that discovers that particular node. Please give us more context here for better answers. – Sanjit Saluja Dec 14 '10 at 19:34
Hi, I came across the term while reading about BFS. What are the other meanings apart from being parent in BFS. – Programmer Dec 16 '10 at 8:39

From wikipedia:

If v is reachable from u, then u is a predecessor of v and v is a successor of u. If there is an arc from u to v, then u is a direct predecessor of v, and v is a direct successor of u.

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my guess would be that the predecessors of a node are its parent and the predecessors of that parent.

Do you have a context for the use of predecessor?

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