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I'm attempting to create a table with reorderable columns using jQuery UI's "sortable" interaction. However, I'm having trouble on IE with table-layout: fixed.

The sortable is attached to the table's thead > tr and works just fine. The table looks correct when not dragging a column heading. While dragging, however, IE increases the width of the table to 100% and makes the dragged heading's column wider to make up the difference. I've tried specifying the width via <col> elements (which seem to be completely ignored by IE?), setting widths on each <td>, using forcePlaceholderSize, and combinations of the three, but nothing seems to work.

Code is below and on jsFiddle. Note that the logic to actually swap columns and correct their widths after dragging is finished hasn't been included; right now, I'm only concerned with the (mis-)behavior while dragging.


    <col style="width:90px">
    <col style="width:130px">
    <col style="width:70px">

            <th style="width:90px">width 90</th>
            <th style="width:130px">width 130</th>
            <th style="width:70px">width 70</th>

            <td style="width:90px">foo</td>
            <td style="width:130px">bar</td>
            <td style="width:70px">baz</td>

            <td style="width:90px">wibble</td>
            <td style="width:130px">wobble</td>
            <td style="width:70px">wubble</td>

            <td style="width:90px">lorem</td>
            <td style="width:130px">ipsum</td>
            <td style="width:70px">dolor</td>


table {
    border-collapse: collapse;
    table-layout: fixed;

td, th {
    background: white;
    border: 1px solid #999;
    padding: 0 .25em;


$("thead tr").sortable({
    forcePlaceholderSize: true,
    helper: "clone",
    tolerance: "pointer"
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