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I'm trying to extract src attributes from: [attname src=""] somecontent [attname src=""]

What I have now:
preg_match_all('#attname src=".*[^"]#', $buffer, $bufferarr);

However it doesn't work - there's no stop after second ", what results in: attname src=""] somecontent [attname src="

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preg_match_all('#attname src="([^"]*)"#', $buffer, $bufferarr);
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Thank You, it worked very well. – Paul Dec 14 '10 at 20:28

By default, + and * are "greedy" - they gobble up as many characters as they can. That's why you get more than you want. If you add ? to them (+? and *?) they will be non-greedy and will stop as soon as they can.

You regexp also looks wrong. It should be something like #attname src="[^"]*?"#.

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Useful - thanks! – Paul Dec 14 '10 at 20:38

Not the best solution but anyways it get's the job done :

$str = '[attname src=""] somecontent [attname src=""]';
preg_match_all('/attname src=\"(.*?)\"/', $str, $match);
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