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I'm having some issues getting a clustered unique key working in mongodb. I'm new to the whole document database thing, so this might be me going about things the wrong way. Anyway, given this document:

   "_id": "61d8ef04b0d2caa4f9000000",
   "ItemNumber": "242108",
   "Image": null,
   "ProductInformation": [
           "Body": "Test",
           "Header": "Test",
           "Language": {
               "Id": 10,
               "Culture": "sv-SE",
               "Currency": "SEK",
               "ISO": "SV"
           "Body": "Teste",
           "Header": "Foo",
           "Language": {
               "Id": 11,
               "Culture": "no-NB",
               "Currency": "NOK",
               "ISO": "NO"

I'd like to be able to restrict ProductInformation to only contain one instance per Language.Id. I've been trying to do that with the following "setup":

db.ItemInfo.ensureIndex({"ItemNumber" : 1, "ProductInformation.Language.Id" : 1}, {unique: true})

In my mind that would create a clustered unique key between the languageId and the itemNumber. I can however still add any number of ProductInformation-instances with a languageId of 10. Am I setting the index incorrectly? Should I go about it in another way?

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Take a look at MongoDB: Unique Key in Embedded Document

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Client side enforcement it is, then. –  Ciddan Dec 15 '10 at 8:35

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