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Title pretty much explains it all. I need to get some hardware information such as CPU info, and total RAM with VB6. Ideally, it would return something like this for the CPU:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8500 2.66 GHz

and for the RAM something simple like an integer for the amount of MB the computer has total.

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About memory info with API see this answer – Roman Plischke Jul 25 '14 at 14:12
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You could use WMI to get this information:

This information is also available in the registry (if WMI isn't to your liking): HKLM/HARDWARE/DESCRIPTION/System/CentralProcessor

NOTE: Registry keys and locations may change. The WMI API is designed as a more stable source for this kind of information.

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RAM - GetPhysicallyInstalledSystemMemory (GlobalMemoryStatusEx on earlier versions)

CPU - GetSystemInfo (not in the desired friendly form, I'm afraid). There is a very extensive discussion of more detailed CPU info retrieval here.

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in plain C, if interested:

#include <intrin.h>

int cpuInfo[4] = {-1};
char CPUBrandString[0x40];

memset(CPUBrandString, 0, sizeof(CPUBrandString));

__cpuid(cpuInfo, 0x80000002);
memcpy(CPUBrandString, cpuInfo, sizeof(cpuInfo));

__cpuid(cpuInfo, 0x80000003);
memcpy(CPUBrandString + 16, cpuInfo, sizeof(cpuInfo));

__cpuid(cpuInfo, 0x80000004);
memcpy(CPUBrandString + 32, cpuInfo, sizeof(cpuInfo));
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