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I'm having a problem with arithmetic overflow when converting to bigint in SQL Server 2008. The following is confusing me.

This works:

select 58356453 * 228204732751

Answer: 13317218761161292203

But, all other attempts that involve explicit conversion fail.

select convert(bigint, 58356453 * 228204732751)

result: arithmetic overflow

    declare @key bigint = 58356453,
        @workingVal bigint,
        @primeMultiplier1 bigint = 228204732751;
    set @workingVal = @key * @primeMultiplier1;

result: arithmetic overflow

What am I missing here? I've also tried "cast(BigNumber as bigint)" (don't think it's any different from convert), and various combinations of conversion before/after arithmetic operations.

And, this is on Windows Server 2008 x64

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I tried select convert(bigint, 58356453) * convert(bigint, 228204732751) with the same error – bernd_k Dec 14 '10 at 20:44

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The maxiumum value for a bigint is


you're returning


I suggest casting to a decimal that has enough precision.

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+1 exactly right. – Mark Byers Dec 14 '10 at 20:53
+1 Brilliant. SELECT (58356453 * 228204732751) - 9223372036854775807 = 4093846724306516396 – gbn Dec 14 '10 at 20:54

You should use the numeric datatype.

select cast(13317218761161292203 as numeric(38))
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