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What I'm trying to do is take an array of service names and apply a service response of either true of false to each.

Basically I'm getting an xml with a set of booleans for each of the services checked. So for this example they all came back as true.

I put them into an array using Nokogiri like so:

doc = Nokogiri::XML.parse(xml)
service_state = doc.css("HeartBeat Status").map(&:text)

This results in an array with 3 ["true"] items.
What I need to is apply each of them sequentially with an array I have in the code.

name = ['svc1', 'svc2', 'svc3']

To do this I used the following code:

status = [] ; service_state.each {|n| name.each {|l| status << [l,n]}}
status.each {|state| print state.to_s + "\n"}

This does what I want... sort of...

I do get an output of:

["svc1", "true"] ["svc2", "true"] ["svc3", "true"]

However, it repeats all the possible combinations. When applying this to the actual array I have a total of 13 services that have a response 17 times so I end up with an array with 221 items.

Question: How do I do what I'm doing now but without repeating for each item in both arrays?


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must they be in a multi-dimensional array? This seems like a good application for a map. –  yock Dec 14 '10 at 21:11
Your code can be written as status = service_state.product( name ) . It still won't do what you want - but there are good answers below. –  steenslag Dec 14 '10 at 21:44

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Sounds like you want to use Array#zip

name = ['svc1', 'svc2', 'svc3']
status = ['true', 'true', 'true']

#=> [['svc1','true'], ['svc2','true'], ['svc3','true']]
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Much cleaner vs. what I was doing. Thanks! –  r3nrut Dec 15 '10 at 20:56
name.zip service_state 
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I was looking for a much more complicated answer than I needed.

This snippet gave me what I needed. :P

status = [] ; service_state.each {|n| name.each {|l| status << [l,n]}}
status = status.uniq
status.each {|state| print state.to_s + "\n"}
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