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I'm trying to make an Edit in mvc 3

Here is the code I have

public ActionResult Edit(int id, FormCollection collection)
            if (ModelState.IsValid)
                    sea loadedSea = BskDB.loadSea(id);

                    loadedBskSeason.UpdateFrom()//Error Here

                    return RedirectToAction("Index");
                    return View("EditSea");
            return View("EditSea");

This article says that the

"UpdateFrom" extension method to automatically populate our product object from the request.

But in my case it gives me a compilation error - No extension method can be found

In this other article it says that the UpdateFrom has been change to



BindingHelperExtensions.UpdateFrom(loadedSea, Request.Form);

But also this doesn't work.

Any examples on how to do bindings from a collection to a model in MVC 3?


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That ScottGu article refers to a prerelease version of MVC 1 and a lot has changed since then. You might want to look into the TryUpdateModel family of methods.

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