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This is my models:

class Bedommelse < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :virksomhed_primary, :class_name => 'Virksomhed', :foreign_key => 'virksomhed_id' belongs_to :virksomheds, :foreign_key => "virksomhed_id" end

class Bedommelse < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :virksomheds, :foreign_key => "virksomhed_id" belongs_to :freelances, :foreign_key => "freelance_id" end

I am trying to display the name of the virksomhed_id not the id itself in the One View (Bedommelse view)

I can show the column virksomhed_id: <% @bedommelses.each do |bedommelse| %>

<%= bedommelse.virksomhed_id

<% end %>

How do i show the name of the virksomhed?

I have tried this but it didnt work.

  <% @bedommelses.each do |bedommelse| %>
    <p><%= bedommelse.virksomhed.navn </p>
   <% end %>
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Please format your code correctly. –  Zabba Dec 14 '10 at 21:55
Yes, it would be helpful to have properly formatted classes. However, it looks like the two classes you've added have the same name. I assume one of them is meant to be Verksomhed. –  Michael Hellein Dec 14 '10 at 22:04

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I have found me mistake

I did a fail in the models:

It should be: belongs_to :virksomhed not belongs_to :virksomheds

And the view

<%= @bedommelse.virksomhed.navn %>
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