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After changing a menu from a regular select to a jQuery selectmenu, I can no longer select options in it programatically. Is there a way to do this?

The code to select is (assuming ListId is the actual Id of the list)


The plugin is activited like this:

$("#ListId").selectmenu({ style: "dropdown", width:140 });

Is there a way to select an item in the select menu? Calling the same .val(value) function just selects the value in the hidden original select list, not the nicely styled jQuery selectmenu.

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$('#ListId').selectmenu("value", value);
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You could additionally trigger the change event handler by adding a change call:

$('#ListId').selectmenu("value", value);
$('#ListId').selectmenu("change"); // Add this for a change event to occur
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Please note you must use indexes (not values) to select the option using this method.

For instance, given this select.

<select id="ListId">
   <option value="value-one">One</option>
   <option value="value-two">Two</option>

In this case the expression $('#ListId').selectmenu("value", "value-two"); wouldn't return any result. Instead of that, we have to use $('#ListId').selectmenu("value", "2");. In other words, we have to use the position/index of the element inside the select. Not the value!

Finding the index is easy though. You can use the following line to achieve it.

var index = $('#ListID option[value="value-two"]').index();
$('#ListId').selectmenu("value", index);
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This is documented in the GitHub project wiki: https://github.com/fnagel/jquery-ui/wiki/Selectmenu

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