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I started learning android programming a couple of weeks ago. I am a beginner so I followed this tutorial on making a simple 2D game engine:

I implemented the onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event) method in the main game panel surface view. Everything seemed to work until I ran the game on an actual device (Galaxy Vibrant 2.1-update). I then noticed the game doesn't respond to ACTION_POINTER_DOWN or ACTION_POINTER_UP events. Does anyone know how to implement multitouch in a game engine of this structure? I am completely stuck and have tried everything. I even tried implementing Robert Green's DIY multitouch test app within my main game panel surface view, but still my app didnt respond to pointer actions, only MOVE_DOWN and MOVE_UP actions

source code to multitouch test app: http://* (replace * with www) Should i be listening to touch events on the main game panel class like the tutorial says?

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I found this example is useful and easy for multitouch

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I found out using if and else statements in the onTouchEvent method is kind of buggy. I changed those statements to a switch case instead and it now works.

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