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My process is this:

  1. I have my android project open in Eclipse, referencing my native library, native.so
  2. I update my native library in some other editor, and rebuild native.so using a makefile; copy native.so to the location referenced by Eclipse
  3. I ensure native.so in Eclipse has the correct (most recent) timestamp and then run the emulator

This is my result:

95% of the time, the updated native.so is not included in the apk that is uploaded onto the emulator. In fact, I can delete native.so from the Eclipse project, and run the emulator and it runs fine with an older native.so.

I've tried all kinds of combinations of things in-between steps 2. and 3. Closing and re-opening the project, refreshing the project, rebuilding the project, deleting native.so through the Eclipse UI and then copying the new native.so over. I can't find a combination of steps that consistently makes the apk pick up the new native.so. Has anybody else figured this out?


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Have you tried deleting the .apk from inside Eclipse and then cleaning the project? –  E-Riz May 17 '11 at 21:24

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