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Does ... mean all files in perforce? ....jpg means all jpg files?

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Some examples from the documentation:

... Matches all files under the current working directory and all subdirectories. (matches anything, including slashes, and does so across subdirectories)

./....c All files under the current directory and its subdirectories, that end in .c

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It's not clear from Perforce's description there but I just wanted to add that ... points to all files of which Perforce has knowledge, i.e. files in the depot and files submitted for add. It will ignore files not part of Perforce. – Chance Dec 15 '10 at 3:25

... is essentially a full wildcard character so ...jpg is the equivalent of searching for *jpg in windows etc.

Its actually meaning depends on where is is used. If used in search it will find all jpg files. If used to define a workspace

//depot/...  //myworkspace/...

This means that all files under depot should be put on the path defined by myworkspace. But the meaning 'all' is the same.

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note that ...jpg will match something like //depot/myfile.jpg as well as a file called //depot/myfile.this_is_a_jpeg. ....jpg will return only files that have only .jpg as the extension. It's a subtle but important difference. – Mark Jan 5 '11 at 17:46

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