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I was trying to make my UI as neat as possible, The user should enter some values into a circuit diagram,so I was trying to make the user click the resistor for example, then, a pop-up window appear with an EditText field in it for the user to enter the value of the resistor.

So far I was able to do that by using two separate setContentView()s, one for the circuit diagram and the other holds the EditText field, but I want the layout with the circuit Diagram to be visible in the background while the pop-up is the one in focus.

something like this (random example from the web): http://blog.itechtalk.com/wp-content/2010/10/SMS-Popup-1.png

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You are looking for a dialog. See creating dialogs.

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Actually smsmpopup uses an activity with theme dialog in it's manifest. Check the src code.

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yes.. u want something as a Dialog... but if its an activity.. u can set this paramenter in the androidmanifest file..


    android:label="Pick a Color !"


this will make the screen as neat and Dialogish as possible

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