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I have a Generic List of objects that I've bound to a custom control. Everything seems to work OK in the code-behind, but any changes I make to the collection don't seem to reflect in the UI (even though they're working find in all the code behind).

Here's the XAML for my UI:

<controls:ControllableListView x:Name="lvSummaryCaseEvents" Grid.Column="0" Grid.Row="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="3" Label="Case Events:" ItemsSource="{Binding CaseEvents}" AddButtonClicked="ControllableListView_AddButtonClicked">

And the code behind where I add the item into the collection:

//after the line above executes, lvSummaryCaseEvents (in the debugger) shows the correct number of items and the items' values are all correct.  No change to the UI whatsoever

The ItemSource property in my user control:

public static readonly DependencyProperty ItemsSourceProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("ItemsSource", typeof(System.Collections.IList), typeof(ControllableListView));

public System.Collections.IList ItemsSource
        return this.GetValue(ItemsSourceProperty) as System.Collections.IList;
        this.SetValue(ItemsSourceProperty, value);

And finally, the XAML for a standard ListView that lives in my user control which is bound to the ItemsSource property listed above:

<ListView Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="4" Name="lvListView" ItemsSource="{Binding ItemsSource}" View="{Binding View}" SelectionChanged="lvListView_SelectionChanged" />

Just to reiterate, everything works fine when I display the collection the first time around, but when I add an item to the collection, the UI does not reflect the changes made.

Thanks in advance,

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What type is _caseScreen.CaseEvents? –  Matt Hamilton Dec 15 '10 at 0:58

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Change your collection to ObservableCollection<T>

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Very nice. Thanks. –  Sonny Boy Dec 15 '10 at 1:13

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