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I'm doing like this:


after I add some more forms to the html which have this .myforms class assigned, so I have to call the $('.myforms').ajaxForm() again

is it possible to register the ajaxForm live ?

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checkout the Live Query plugin. It allows you to simulate the .live() but extends the behaviour to DOM elements, not just events.

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I would like some peace of code from this plugin that would do this, without using the plugin –  Omu Dec 15 '10 at 8:05

Not with jQuery's live(), but you could monitor the form for changes to the DOM and trigger ajaxForm() from there. See this thread

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You do not need to use jQuery live, all you need to do is put the ajaxForm code inside a function and then in the ajax success you just call the function again to rebind the new form in the view.

    function bindSubmitNewPost()  {

     var options = { 
        target:        '#new-post-message-1',  
        beforeSubmit:  showRequest, 
        success:       showResponse  


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