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Are there any good revision control tools that are easy to set up and accessible through multiple platforms (including iOS) for project status tracking by clients and managers?

Sometimes I make huge amendments to my code, yet it looks the same on the surface - which can be mistaken by client or managers as no changes were made.

I work mostly on PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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  1. FogBugz - A fantastic environment to work in that integrates with Kiln which is backed by Mercurial.
  2. SmartBear DevComplete Looks good but I never used it myself.
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I've always found the Trac timeline a nice way of illustrating progress e.g. in a subversion repository.

It's Python based, though.

Redmine is Ruby based and offers a very similar view.

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FishEye is pretty good and a starter license is very cheap. It's worth trying, but I don't know how it might look on an iPhone for example.

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