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Hi i try to use ikvmc (http://www.ikvm.net/) to conver a jar to a dll

the jar is :


but that jar depends on multi jars as well,


what command should i use to convert that jar to a dll???


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You compile the dependent jar into a dll first and then reference it when you compile the main jar.

Something like:

ikvmc -target:library depend.jar
ikvmc -target:library -resource:depend.ddl dartapi.jar

See: IKVM docs

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I have no experience with this program, but just glancing at it, I'd unpack all of the jars and repack the class files into a single jar and then run that through ikvmc.

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let me try it will work or not –  Jojo Dec 15 '10 at 2:20
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You can compile it in one step:

ikvmc { file1.jar }  { file2.jar } ...

or you need to compile it in the order of dependency if there is a hierarchy and no circle dependency.

See the IKVM Wiki for more details.

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