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I'm trying to create a menu where it replaces the content inside with another div already created, but currently set to hidden. I know of other methods to do this, but they are not very clean.

What I currently have done. The current code in which I'm trying to use:

   function switchDiv(content){
   $("#Phrase")hide().replaceWith($("#" + content).css("visibility", "visible").fadeIn("slow"));

I'm trying to replicate the concept of another site I found on another post. Where text is stored in an array and then replaced using:

    $("#menu-sub-menu > ul > li[id^=d]").click(function() {

But I wish to replace more than just text.

Also, if anyone knows what this kind of menu is called, that would be nice.

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It doesn't work because after the first click, you are replacing all the content of #Phrase with the one phrase you are keeping.

Take all of the test div's and put them somewhere other than the #phrase div initially.

Also - you don't want to use replaceWith. That will remove the #Phrase div and you won't be able to hide it again. Un-chaining your jquery commands may help you get to where you want first, and then re-chain them if you so please.

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