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How do i make a script bring up a shop gui when a brick is touched?

And how should i make the "buy" stuff in the shop gui?

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We're not here to write your code for you. Perhaps if you narrowed the question down to a specific area that you're having trouble with, someone would be able to point out a solution. –  Brad Larson Dec 15 '10 at 16:20

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You will be needing to make that Shop Interface yourself, but i will give you the "GUI Giver" script.
Note: You must put the Script Inside the Brick/Part.

local Gui = game.Lighting.GUI --Replace this with the location of your GUI

function GiveGui(Player)
if Player.PlayerGui:FindFirstChild(Gui.Name)~=nil then return end


local Player=game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent)
if Player==nil then return end

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Make a script that connects a brick's 'Touched' event to a function which uses the "getPlayerFromCharacter" method of game.Players to find the player then inserts the GUI into the player's "PlayerGui". For example:

function newGUI()
    --enter something that makes a shop GUI then at the end returns the 'ScreenGui' it's in.

    local player = game.Players:getPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent);
    if player ~= nil then
        newGUI().Parent = player.PlayerGui;
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I have a brick that worked wonders on one of my old game, I'll let you have it, jsut it doesn't have a shop gui, I can make one if you really want it, but if you already have the shop the brick already has instructions in it to allow you to just add the gui you want to appear OnTouch. Just message me on ROBLOX @ InDomitable - Hope I Helped

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The point of Stack Overflow is not to connect people for offline discussions. If you have code that would accomplish this, why not post it here so others can benefit? –  Brad Larson Dec 16 '10 at 0:27

The following code can be used to give the player the shop gui:

local ShopGui = game.Lighting.ShopGui -- This should be the location of your gui
local ShopPart = workspace.ShopPart -- This should be the shop part

    if hit.Parent == nil then return end
    if hit.Name ~= "Torso" then return end
    local Player = game.Players:playerFromCharacter(hit.Parent)
    if Player == nil then return end
    if _G[Player] == nil then _G[Player] = {} end
    if _G[Player].ShopGui == nil then
        _G[Player].ShopGui = ShopGui:Clone()
        _G[Player].ShopGui.Parent = Player.PlayerGui

    if hit.Parent == nil then return end
    local Player = game.Players:playerFromCharacter(hit.Parent)
    if Player == nil then return end
    if _G[Player] == nil then return end
    if _G[Player].ShopGui ~= nil then
        _G[Player].ShopGui = nil

Note that "ShopPart" should be a big part that cover the whole shop area (preferable invisible)

Then you also have to build a shop gui.

In the shop gui you should make TextButtons (or image buttons) that each contains the following script:

local Cost = 100
local ThingToBuy = game.Lighting.Weapon -- Make sure this is right
    local Player = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Parent -- Make sure this is correct
    if Player.leaderstats["money"].Value >= Cost then -- Change "money" to anything you want (it     must be in the leaderstats tho)
        Player.leaderstats["money"].Value = Player.leaderstats["money"].Value - Cost
        ThingToBuy:Clone().Parent = Player.Backpack
        -- GuiToBuy:Clone().Parent = Player.PlayerGui

The code ain't tested, so it might contain errors. And you might need to change more stuff than mentioned. But it should give you an idea on how to make the shop gui =)

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