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I have created some custom menu referring "Custom Menu visible to one document in Excel". Now I want to add some icons to each menu item. Either that may be system icons or some others. Please provide some solution.

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use the .FaceID property. If you want to know what id to use, then download a FaceID Browser addin for excel. Example:

Set MenuItem = NewMenu.Controls.Add _
With MenuItem
    .Caption = "Save XML Data"
    .FaceId = 270
    .OnAction = "AskExportXml"
    .Enabled = True
End With
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I have updated my question. This works fine. But, whenever opening the document it adds new menu item in that list. I mean that MenuItem is getting added to menu item, whenever I open the document. Please help to solve this. – Mohamed Saligh Dec 15 '10 at 5:43
I did not update my question. I have resolved :) thanks – Mohamed Saligh Dec 15 '10 at 5:45

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