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I am starting work on a SharePoint 2010 Project and using the Visual Studio 2010 Built-In Magical Extension to do so. However, the turn-about cycle to re-deploy the solution is terribly long (build, package, retract, deploy, then restart, etc.) The only changes during this time have been to the individual Web Parts.

In the past I have used WSP Builder and for minor updates on the dev box just using the Copy-to-GAC/Copy-to-Hive features which has a much shorter turn-about to see changes to a Web Part. I was wondering if there was a similar (or alternative) method to get a similar quick turn-about in VS2010? The Mapped Folders address say, a changing view, but it's the Web Parts that interest me most now.

Please, if you are going to say "but you should always re-deploy", please do so only as a suggestion with other [useful] advice -- the testing servers get a full re-deploy. This is simply about helping me reduce the development cycle times.

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Copy to 14 / Copy to GAC functionality in Visual Studio 2010

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Thanks for the link (and tip-off to sharepointoverflow). I'm using CKS now and the quick-deploy from the context-menu works (but no hotkey? :-/), but the deploy from the Deployment settings determines the wrong local path and fails. – user166390 Dec 17 '10 at 18:41

If you deploy the BIN directory rather than the GAC then you can just do a copy on postbuild - no restart/deploy etc needed.

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Thanks for the suggestion -- Separated BIN and GAC now (and shut down all "extra" SharePoint services/features/timers) -- works much quicker. – user166390 Dec 17 '10 at 18:43

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