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i have my own map , now how to cut my map into openstreetmap standrad (their folder strucure)??

so that i can load those tiles into server and can access from there???

kindly suggest

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what you´re looking for is probably to find on the openstreetmaps wiki slippy map tilenames description

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OpenStreetMap consists of 256 pixel by 256 pixel tiles in png format.

There's a set of tiles for each zoom level. The zoom level is the first level of folders in the directory structure.

The next level of folders is the tile x coordinate, based on the Mercator projection. The name of the image file is tile y coordinate, followed by .png.

As an example, at zoom level 6, tile x coordinate 10, the 24.png image is California, near San Francisco. That tile is referred to as the 10, 24 tile at zoom level 6.


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