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Is is possible to click/get ActionScript values/actions using Javascript without ExternalInterface?

Is the how GreaseMonkey works? Can I do that using GreaseMonkey?

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almost sure you can't, however there are other interfaces that you can use to create macros to interact with flash, google for "addon macros firefox flash" or something like that –  yoda Dec 15 '10 at 6:01
But how those putting hack flash games are injecting the code? See this userscripts.org/scripts/review/32886. I couldn't understand this part var swf = document.embeds[0] || $("flashcontent") || single("//object[contains(@data, '.swf')]"); unsafeWindow.game = swf; var actions = single("//div[@class='game_actions']") || single("//div[@class='channeHolder']") || $("header") || $("content") || document.body; –  Rajasankar Dec 15 '10 at 10:27

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how about

swf=document.embeds[0];//or 1 or 2 etc

its GetVariable("swfvar"); with the var name as a string and SetVariable("swfvar",jsval); with the swfvar name as a string and the js value whatever you want

to execute function, there are 2 ways 1. using the code above with the var swf, swf.SwfFunc(params); simple, right? yes.

2.again with code above swf.GetVariable("SwfFunc(params)"); since it gets the value of the function, it executes it all to look for a return value, might be bad if the params are ugly with overlapping quotes because there are already quotes in the call

personally, I like method 2 because it can be used for other purposes too, like executing code. like this


I find this very useful, but remember you must escape the quotes in that function it is actually like injecting an eval statement, but better

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it's rather hard but maybe possible to implement LocalConnection or NetStream direct connection (for using the send() method) in javascript :)

the other way is to use something as a buffer that'll be checked by SWF and javascript every certain time. A simple php script will be a good buffer, also maybe this data could be stored in browser adress bar after#

and another funny idea: you can develop an SWF messenger that will be loaded every time you need to pass a message to flash. message is passed to the messenger as get variables and it will create a LocalConnection with the main swf and pass data there. but the only way to call js from flash is navigateToURL or maybe sendToURL

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