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I have to implement a Gateway in java. I have a servlet that recieves information like the URL to hit and parameters to be passed to that URL. I need to get the response back from there, make some modifications, if required, and pass it back to the browser.

I tried opening a HttpConnection to the URL and then simply writing on its outputstream but as i guessed thats not working. Is it possible to create a new HttpRequest and execute it? How can i implement this in java? It looks like Apache httpclient is one of the options but i am not supposed to use that or any other external library as such.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Try to use a java.net.Socket and java.net.ServerSocket. With ServerSocket, you can listen to a specific port waiting connections/requests and with Socket you can send the requested client data and sends to the original server. It's a base to build your own gateway project...

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