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scenario further updated

Hi all:

I'm trying to set a global variable to another in windows command line batch language. The syntax I've tried is as below:

:: these are global vars
SET varThree=%varOne%\something
SET varOne=
SET varTwo=2

SET varOne=%varTwo%
::more setting of varOne to other global variables
GOTO Section2

echo %varThree%
GOTO cleanup

SET varThree=
SET varTwo=
SET varOne=

The value of varOne seems to be lost when it comes to echoing %varThree%.

I was wondering how can I set the above variable properly?


EDIT: The cleanup section was there as a way to ensure the variables are being cleaned up upon exiting of the program. When I removed it, it took the 2nd run in order for varOne to lose its state. Likewise when I re-introduced it, it took the 2nd run for the state of varOne to come back. Any ideas why is this happening?

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You don't use the percent signs on the left side. Also, you might want to read about delay-expanded variables (like !varTwo! instead of %varTwo%), since you might run into problems with incorrect expansions. See this link about delayed expansions: Cmd.exe Documentation

Edit: You're also missing a "Set" on the left, so this:


Should really be:

Set varOne=%varTwo%
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thanks for your reply. My bad, my scenario was vague and not to the point. I've updated my scenario. The value of the global variable somehow got lost and didnt get set properly. –  BeraCim Dec 16 '10 at 0:45
I also happen to get the same result from the code in your comment. I have further updated the scenario and have found the cause of the problem, but struggling to find a solution to solve it. –  BeraCim Dec 16 '10 at 4:02
nevermind my situation. I have the problem solved. I think I was declaring one of the global variables twice somewhere else. In regards to the question in topic, your solution worked. Thanks! –  BeraCim Dec 16 '10 at 5:31
All right, thanks! Glad you found the problem! –  Mehrdad Dec 16 '10 at 5:33


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You are wrong in looking for a "post-compiling" syntax. In your scenario

SET varThree=%varOne%\something

cause varThree set with "\something", because varOne is not defined yet. Speaking about your scenario, you have to use

echo %varOne%%varThree%

in ":section2".

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