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Non-functional Requirements: User has access to the internet

User has GPS

Create account information has valid characters.

Communication: Create account: user receives UserID in return from server

Communication: Application receives GPS information from server

Communication: Application sends GPS information to server

Communication: Server updates requested by user user score

Communication: Server returns available jobs requested by user

System shows available weapons

User eliminates target within time-lock

System communicates player to player messages

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Some of those could be considered functional requirements, depending on the project. What application are these requirements related to? –  tjameson Dec 15 '10 at 8:16

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My basic assumption here is that you are creating an application for users you have reasonable control over. i.e. you're not creating commercial software that's going to be released into the wild, so to speak.

That said, your first two items would be assumptions. You're not providing internet access or GPS service as part of your application. If you are, then these items aren't worded well.

I agree with tjameson that a number of these are functional requirements. In fact, I'd say most of the rest are functional requirements.

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