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On most browsers hitting F11 switches the browser into a mode where there are no toolbars and menus. I'd like to make adjustments to my page layout when the user goes into that mode (specifically - there's a DIV that should cover the entire client area - If the user F11s - then the extra space added to the bottom is uncovered by the big div).

I tried using onkeydown event and responding to the F11 keycode (122) - but it triggers BEFORE the mode switches (after the key is pressed) - wherein the clientHeight of the documentElement is still as it was before.

I also tried responding to document.onresize and document.documentElement.onresize both of which doesn't seem to trigger when going F11.

Any ideas?

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window.onresize seems to work on both FF3 and IE8...

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Chrome 15, Firefox 10, and Safari 5.1 now provide APIs to programmatically trigger fullscreen mode. Fullscreen mode triggered this way provide events to detect fullscreen changes and CSS pseudo-classes for styling fullscreen elements. Note that these events/pseudo-classes do not appear to apply when the user hits F11 however.

See this blog post for details.

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