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I have succeeded in creating a docset for my custom Cocoa Touch Static Library project using Doxygen. I can place links to other classes and members within the scope of my library project, but I cannot find a way to make (clickable) references to other frameworks, especially UIKit or NSFoundation.

This is an example of my documentation comments:

 If #shouldLoadDataFromTableEntriesJSONFile returns YES, this method
 will be asked to provide the full path to the appropriate JSON file.

 @return an absolute path to a JSON file. 

 @see MyOtherClass#aMethodThere
 @see NSBundle#mainBundle  

Doxygen correctly creates a hyperlink to the shouldLoadDataFromTableEntriesJSONFile within that same class and to aMethodThere in MyOtherClass, but not to NSBundle#mainBundle. I understand that this might be more difficult, because it is located elsewhere, but can I set it up in a way to tell it how to do this? Any special flags or variable defintions required that I am missing or is it merely a question of how to formulate it in the doc comments?

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I just saw this (I had the same question). I have a not so ideal answer which might help: Linking to Apple (or 3rd party) documentation tokens in a docset

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