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I inherited some web shop project (ASP.NET 3.5, Webforms, Visual Studio 2008 PRO). On one page I have MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback set to true. When shopping cart (user control loaded in master page) is empty, then asp.net is not generating Javascript code required for scroll position. When I add some items to the cart, then everything works fine.

Can you give me any advice how to find part of the code which is responsible for this issue? I don't have an access to the 3rd party profilers.

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Are you utilizing UpdatePanels in that specific page?

If Yes, following article may give you some direction:


If No, this one may assist:

Javascript: Maintaining Page Scroll Position
Here is the code from that article:

// function saves scroll position
function fScroll(val)
    var hidScroll = document.getElementById('hidScroll');
    hidScroll.value = val.scrollTop;

// function moves scroll position to saved value
function fScrollMove(what)
    var hidScroll = document.getElementById('hidScroll');
    document.getElementById(what).scrollTop = hidScroll.value;

<body onload="fScrollMove('div_scroll');" onunload="document.forms(0).submit()";>
<input type="text" id="hidScroll" name="a">< /br>
<div id="div_scroll" onscroll="fScroll(this);" 



Hope one of these links help!

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the second link does not work –  Niloofar May 8 '14 at 12:28

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