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If you have noticed people write custom methods that deal with retrieving or inserting/updating records in db in two ways: 1. Static method 2. Non static methods(object method).


get a records from a table A:

static public function getRecords(){ $q = Doctrine_Query::create..... }

public function getRecords(){ $q = Doctrine_Query::create..... }

is there are any point writing the custom methods in a "Object method" way ? don't see any point in it.

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If the function is used to retrieve multiple objects for a controller, it should be in the table class and be a static method.

If the function is used to retrieve objects for another model object, and it's only used by model objects, it should be a non-static method on the model class itself.

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Yes, that is right, but why then the "ModelTable" findBy* or any other methods are not static? –  simple Dec 17 '10 at 12:26

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