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Given a string of a mobile phone number, I need to make sure that the given string only consist of digital letters 0~9, ()+-x and space. So how can I do it in ruby? I know how can I solve this problem using pelr and regex but I'm new to ruby and need a quick answer so put the question here. Thanks in advance.

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Ruby RegEx syntax is borrowed from Perl. As you know regex in Perl, you can use the same here too. –  dheerosaur Dec 15 '10 at 9:23

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/^[-0-9()+x ]+$/


re = /^[-0-9()+x ]+$/
match = re.match("555-555-5555")
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if (/^[-\d()\+x ]+$/.match(variable))
  puts "MATCH"
  puts "Does not MATCH"
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