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I'm trying to apply effects on <s:NavigatorContent>. Like:

    <mx:WipeUp id="myWU" duration="300"/>
    <mx:WipeDown id="myWD" duration="300"/>
    <mx:WipeRight id="myWR" duration="300"/>
<s:HGroup gap="0">
<s:ButtonBar dataProvider="{viewStack}" >
<mx:ViewStack id="viewStack">

    <!-- Following wiil work
    <mx:Canvas id="View1" label="View1" showEffect="{myWD}" hideEffect="{myWU}">
        <views:View1 />

    <mx:Canvas id="View2" label="View2" showEffect="{myWD}" hideEffect="{myWU}">
        <views:View2 />

    <s:NavigatorContent label="View1" showEffect="{myWD}" hideEffect="{myWU}">
        <views:View1 />
    </s:NavigatorContent >

    <s:NavigatorContent label="View2" showEffect="{myWD}" hideEffect="{myWU}">
        <views:View2 />
    </s:NavigatorContent >


But it did't worked. May be there is an issue with event propagation but how do I make it worked?

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As far as I know, you should not use mx effects on spark containers.

Why don't you try using the Wipe Spark effect.

Good luck with that!


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Effect triggers like hideEffect/showEffect are not officially supported in spark in the current release. You can track the progress of this feature here:

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In the Help docs, I see comment: Events do not propagate down to children, but up to parents. If you want to do something to a child based on a container event, handle it in the container's event handler. – Vikas Dec 20 '10 at 4:02

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