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I wrote a small scroller in jquery. The scroller seems to work perfectly on PC and Macs. However it doesn't work on touch devices.

I guess this is due to mousedown property being called. how do I make this work on both PC and touch screen devices?


$('.scroll-nav-up, .scroll-nav-down').live('click', function(){
    return false;

$('.scroll-nav-up').live('mousedown', function(){

        top: -($(this).closest('.item').find('.scroller-wrap').height() - 250)
    }, 800);


$('.scroll-nav-down').live('mousedown', function(){

        top: 0
    }, 800);

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To get an answer with code fixes - publish a demo and link to it in the question so that people can test what works and how. –  naugtur Dec 15 '10 at 12:01

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If you're using jquery mobile try handling its new events tap and taphold


I can't test it, so it's just an idea (I'm not sure if I understand what your app does), but you can try and change click to mouseup event.

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Nothing special found, so at this moment I am using 2 scripts. The first script identifies the the touch screen devices as written by Alastair Campbell on Detecting touch-based browsing.

function isTouchDevice() {
   var el = document.createElement('div');
   el.setAttribute('ongesturestart', 'return;');
   if(typeof el.ongesturestart == "function"){
      return true;
   }else {
      return false

and then use the mousedown event for regular browsers and use tap event for touch screen devices.

P.S - Using both jQuery and jQuery Mobile

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