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I need a directory with 777 permissions in my webserver; anyway, I would like to protect it by placing it outside the public_html directory. Is this safe enough? A php script will be able to access that directory?

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So long as your php scripts are sufficiently secure from users trying to break them with SQL injection (amongst others), placing the directory outside the web root is definitely safe to prevent others directly accessing the contents. And yes, php can still access the files, if given an appropriate path to that directory.

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yes, the other php scripts can still access that directory, but it will not be reachable over the web.

set the correct owner/group as well, if you set it to be the owner of the php process a 700 should be working just as well.

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David's way is the easiest, but you could also try;

  • placing a .htacces file in your folder
  • changing the permissions to 700 (or 750, if you have to be able to edit it with the group)
  • starting filenames in the directory with a dot (though this is easy to screw up, so you may want to avoid it)

If David's way works, I'd prefer that, but in case you have some weird extra restrictions, these ways MAY work.

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